December 2016
Canon 5d mk 2 / Fuji XT1

Towards the end of 2016 I toured parts of Mexico over a period of 5 weeks. During my travels I visited several contrasting regions, including Mexico City, Puebla, Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula, combined with  the Isle of Holbox. This special project section features a collection of some of my favourite shots from the trip.  It showcases the diversity of cultures and architecture I encountered, as well as the variety of landscapes and wildlife. To view this page please click on the button below.



November 2014
Canon 5d mk 2 / Fuji XT1

In 2014, I went on a solo trip to Patagonia. It’s main purpose was to visit and photograph the Welsh-Argentinian settlement. Born and raised in Wales, and with Welsh being my first language, this project had been of particular interest to me for years. Take a look at the project by clicking below.

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Sion Prys

About me

Sion Prys

My interest in photography began when I visited Yosemite National Park at the age of 10. Equipped with a disposable camera, I began photographing the park’s spectacular landscapes. The icing on the cake though was discovering the works of Ansel Adams in the Gallery at Yosemite Village, after which I was hooked!

Wildlife and landscapes are a particular interest of mine. Growing up in Wales gave me a particular advantage, as a budding photographer, with three national parks and five designated areas of natural beauty on my doorstep.
After graduating in Human Geography at the University of Nottingham, I went on to gain a Masters in Digital Imaging and Photography. Now based in London, I’m working as an integrated producer covering TV, print and digital at adamandeveDDB.

The collection of images shown here represents just a selection of the breadth of my work to date, including an extensive portfolio of landscape and wildlife images, urban landscapes and architectural photographs. Also included are some unique collections featuring national parks in the UK and South America and special portfolios on the Welsh settlement in Patagonia and on Mexican culture.

I hope you enjoy these collections and thank you for visiting my website. To purchase images, or to make any specific enquiries, including print orders, please contact me via the contact form on the link below or at: